Welcome to my wikispace. I plan to learn to use this so I might assist teachers in creating collaboration pages. So far I'm tracking my weekend events at the soccer mom page and trying to organize and keep myself organized with the laptop trainings for teachers ... take a look!

Important for us ... I find I cannot edit in Safari - so try in Mozilla or Firefox???
Firefox works well, but it is not the default for me.

Is Camino a possibility for me?
From Karen - any browser should work.

Look I even figured out how to add my links on the navigation bar on the side ... so I'm slow, but finally get it done! the edit navigation when you are logged in helps!!!!

I am finding that I switch between the visual and text editors - visual allows me the normal formatting tools I'm used to ... Shelly would like the text because it is html!

For those of you involved as TIES Lead Teachers (TLTs) :

I have started a page talking about our goals - go to
TLT Goals
(These links are also on the left side navigation bar)
Looking for the discussion on calendaring the planning day for aligning the textbook with TIES equipment? Check here

For those of you involved in the 1:1 teacher laptop trainings:

I have started a page listing the upcoming trainings and hope to get your input so I can refer back and know what we are doing!
go to
http://kgreen.wikispaces.com/laptop training

For those of you helping me learn and don't mind my mom ramblings....

I want to figure out how to add a link to this page to my silly soccer update page but for now I'll just do this ....
go to

So we can all learn - please post a comment and let me know how to improve this.