Here I will add links to samples of wikis I see really beneficial in K-8 classrooms. This is by no means comprehensive ... just what I find. If you would like to join this wiki and add to it, let me know!

Educational Wikis
This list is great - here are a few that I really liked on that list...

Fun Kindergarten wiki about their chicks hatching!

Another Kindergarten wiki - finding out about weather

The best example would be the Flat Classroom Project - you can see archives of great student examples
Vicki Davis requires students to work on the wikis and uses history to see individual contributions as well as misuse

Fullerton Examples

Julie's wiki for EL

Rolling Hills - parent sign -ups and more

Here is a link to the FSD wiki server at feel free to add your thoughts to a page on there or make your own. At this point if you want to add students to the account we would need to assist in that process.

For information on wikispaces... how-tos, etc try this page