Let's all try to keep this current so we can possibly keep everyone up to date on the upcoming trainings.I will continue to email participants but want to be sure I always have the current information...
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See in the March 8 plans how Judy editted there? is this the best way?

When/Where do we add some good information for teachers on Internet Safety? Do we wait until we know if kids will have their own laptops?
WE NEED TO ADD IT SOMEWHERE (Karen's two cents again!)

Sixth Grade + Sp Services Trainings:

Feb 8 1:30-3:30 TCCR and Board Room This is completed - survey results are in Karen's office
  • Janet English will present on United Streaming
  • Barb will delve into the lesson planning a bit more

March 8 1:30-3:30 TCCR and Board Room

Karen will demo iDVD and how to create DVD images without the burner on your computer--- or ComicLife or do ComicLife and discuss provide handouts on iDVD???see - this is a great place for eveyone to collaborate and give your 2 cents!
  • Karen, I think you should definitely do Comic LIfe as we have the district license. Do they all have it installed? I think a handout on iDVD would be good. Will it install on non superdrive machines?

Barb will ..... provide time to develop lessons and Janny will show her water shed project
April - dark

May 24

Big event - Four Points Sheraton
  1. Give out some sort of certificates?
  2. Red carpet (just kidding!)
  3. Do we collect some projects ahead to show best of best student work?
  4. Add Internet Safety here???