My First reply in a blog!

This is Cynthia, nice blog Karen! I like this idea it is kinda fun. It is fun to see Hannah's picture.

Wednesday's Game .... as promised

Hannah's team played well again and she even assisted in scoring a goal. This was a great experience for her and hopefully her enthusiasm and love of the game will continue on.

More info to add.... It's now Monday!

Well - I believe I can add an image now and it might actually appear - thanks for being the photographer dad!
Sunday's game came out 0-0 ... great way to end - all the All Stars were on top of their game!
Hannah will play again Wednesday night - so hopefully you'll tune in again to see about that later in the week.
Again - I'd appreciate if you would log in and comment so I can learn how this works.
Good night!

My First Attempts....

Ugh - I just created this page and lost it. 1:00 am is probably not the best time to try something new but I will attempt it one more time!

Saturday's games were thrilling to say the least. Hannah played 2 games .... tied one 0-0 and lost the other 2-1. Her team was great and they played very hard. I'm attaching a picture from earlier in the season since a still camera did not make it to the game. (I ran all over all day and the rest of the family needed to worry about bringing the player and the half time oranges before extra stuff like a camera!)

So for the games -
Emily spent the time encouraging her sister and taking video (no fire wire cable at home so I could not grab an image there)
Jacqueline sketched Disney characters
Hannah ran her her heart out

Well - more after tomorrow's games and hopefully I will not lose this edition! Feel free to comment and edit - that's what wikis are for, right?
Hi Karen- This is Catherine L. Thanks for the great pics. & info.